SinoFresh Moisturizing Nasal & Sinus Spray 1 fl oz (29.6 ml)

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Cool Mint Solution
Non-Habit Forming
Scientifically Advanced
Essential Cleansing Formula
Kills Germs
Moisture Rich
Freshens and Soothes
Doctor and pharmacist recommended
Double the size of leading sprays!
Cleanse with SinoFresh when you: Experience recurring nasal-sinus discomfort, have dry, sensitive nasal tissue, are exposed to pollen, dirt, mold, or high humidify. When you are traveling by airplane or other mass transit, work in or frequently visit a hospital, are among crowds of people, are concerned about long-term use of medicated sprays.
SinoFresh™ Nasal Mist is the only product that combines a discard of formulation research with proven cleansing techniques to achieve daily hygienic nasal comfort. SinoFresh™ is non-habit forming, non-drowsy, and may be used in conjunction with over-the-counter and prescription medications.

  • It gives relief from congestion, sinus pain and pressure and sinus headache. No side effects from sino drops.
  • It targets the sources of sinus discomfort by maintianing non-addictive, no drug interactions, promotes sinus drainage and cool mint solution.
  • Restores and maintains nasal and sinus relief by targeting nasal mold and bacteria. Alleviating discomfort as a result of dry air, polluted air and smoke.

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